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Some of the Dirtiest Gutters We Have Seen were “protected” by Gutter Guards & Were Not By Any Trees

Don’t let Shingle Debris Weigh Your Gutters Down

Did You Know?

Little bits of shingle from your roof can really add up and weigh down and damage your gutters.  Regular cleaning (1-2x per year) can help you avoid this!

A Better Alternative – Downspout Guards

Our Pick

While we do install gutter guards if you want them, we reccommend downspout guards instead.  We have found a kind that work well and keep your gutters a little cleaner for longer!

Don’t Let Leaves Fill Your Gutters

Who Likes Heights?

We use safety equipment most homeowners don’t have + we carry insurance.  No need to try to clean high gutters yourself!  Stay on the ground where you are more comfortable!

Gutter cleaning is one chore most people neglect.

If not properly cleaned, leaves and debris will clog the downspout not allowing proper drainage.  This could cause damage to your guttering, and fascia (the board behind the gutter).
In addition, even in areas with no leaves, shingle particles and dust will weigh down the gutter, making it bad on them.


How often should my gutters be cleaned?

Usually 1- 2x per year.  Once in the spring/early summer, and then again in the fall/early winter.

Do You Repair Gutters?

If it is a very minor fix, yes.  If not, you may have to have someone come that installs gutters.  Hopefully through regular cleanings you will not have to have your gutters repaired.

What do You do with the Debris?

We make sure we use a leaf blower and blow any debris that may have landed on your driveway, sidewalks, or deck off of them.  If we have to scoop out shingle debris, we will usually bring it home with us in a bucket, unless you have a place you want us to dump it.

Do You Install New Gutters?

No, we do not.

How Do You Clean Gutters?

We use a variety of methods depending on the situation: scoops, leaf blowers, water, pressure washer.

Do You Clean the Downspouts When You Clean Gutters?

Absolutely!  We check all downspouts for clogs in addition to cleaning your gutters.

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